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    We aim to provide local employees and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s), who require funds from a reliable and dependable loan company that will help them in attaining their dreams and financial commitments .



    We remain consistent in maintaining excellence in our work. We make sure that we comply to all necessary international standards and strive towards improvement, for all our clients.



    The credibility of our company is paramount to our overall success. We value the standard of excellence for our company, which is the foundation to enhance our customer experience.



    Trust is a integral to our business, It is important to us that we remain reliable and trustworthy to our investors. Providing exceptional service equals satisfaction which result’s in trust.

    About Us


    Zazu Lending Investor Corporation was formed in 2013 by British and Filipino partners who have in excess of 60 years combined experience in financial, investment and the lending industries. Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Zazu Lending Investor Corporation is fully compliant with all relevant government agencies.

    After extensive research into one of the fastest growth markets in the Philippines: Domestic Salary Loans and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) loans, it became apparent that the market was growing such a rate that demand for funds far outweighed the supply, thus Zazu was conceived.

    Our company’s business model is based on funds being supplied by investors, who are paid a fixed rate of interest monthly which allows funds to be utilised by the company to lend to OFW’s and grow the company’s market base.

    In 2015 over 3 million Filipino’s left the Philippines for employment overseas joining the 12.5 million OFW’s already working abroad. OFW’s remitting funds back to the Philippines officially represent
    13.5% of the GDP for the Philippines, unofficially remittances are estimated to be 30-40% higher.
    (Source Asian Bankers Association)

    In 2017, it is expected that approximately $28 Billion will be remitted back to the Philippines from
    overseas workers, an all time high.

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    Our Service

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    Zazu Lending Investor Corporation endeavors to deliver a convenient, efficient, swift and manageable loan service for local workers and Overseas Filipino Workers who are in need of financial assistance.
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    We constantly strive to offer competitive rates in OFW loans, whilst increasing the standards of quality and integrity in our services. Our objective is to become the market leader in offering OFW and Salary loans.

    Salary Loans


    In times of emergency, you may need to pay for something urgently, in a lump sum, but don’t qualify for a bank loan. This where Zazu Lending Investor Corporation can help you meet your financial obligations. At Zazu, we go that extra mile to help you attain what you need, as long as you have a secure job and have been employed for at least one year, we are willing to lend you up to 4 times your monthly salary, with no deductions and with up to 3 years to repay, at competitive interest rates. No Co-borrower/guarantor required, no messy documents, quick, easy and efficient. Making sure that you and your loved ones are not stressed, with easy to pay, flexible plans that suit your budget, giving your whole family that piece of mind. At Zazu, we care that much more!



    ofwZAZU Lending Investor Corporation ensures that we provide the best customer experience to OFW’s who are interested for a loan application.

    We have a friendly, accommodating and professional staff who will assist during the process. In contrast to other financial institutions, we do not have agents.

    We directly communicate with POEA accredited agencies only.

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    Why Invest?

    investorInvestors can enjoy an excellent Return On Investment (R.O.I.) which is paid monthly at a fixed rate. Percentage rates vary depending on the investment period (minimum of 1 year) and the amount invested. Investmens can be made in US Dollars, Euro’s, UK Pound Sterling or Philippine Peso.

    Zazu Lending Investment Corporation raise funds from private investors who receive a fixed percentage income, in return for their investment. Investors will receive 13 post dated cheques, which they can pay into their bank on a monthly basis.

    The thirteenth cheque is for the principle amount dated one year and 30 days from investment.

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