The majority of Overseas Filipino Workers lack the funds to pay for expenses involved in obtaining a position overseas. These expenses includes Job Placement fees and other miscellaneous expenses, not to mention having some money to leave with their families and travel with and help them through their first month of employment.

Zazu Lending Investor Corporation can provide workers with finanacial assistance of up to three (3) times of their basic salary. Guaranteed no cash-out required upon processing and no advance interest.

Overseas Filipino Worker loans are not very large and are on a average about P50,000.00. Zazu Lending Investor Corporation is charging 4% monthly. The loans are unsecured whereas most other insitutions such as banks or loan campanies charge low interest rates and require collateral.

Unsecured loans are considered high risk, few companies are willing to offer finance for OFWs.

However, those that do, will typically charge 5% with hidden charges, that’s why we consider our percentage interest rate to be fair.

Zazu Lending Investor Corporation offers easy payment schemes to Overseas Filipino Workers.

OFW’s can choose flexible payment tersm from 6 months up to 12 months. They can process their repayments using PDC (post-dated check), by Cash, Door-to-door remittances or to any affiliated banks and accredited remittance centers.

Additionally, they are given enough time to process their payment within 60 days, from the date of the loan release.

We will approve your loan application within 24 hours, upon full submission of requirements.