The directors and staff of Zazu Lending Investor Corporation take pride in delivering an excellent R.O.I. and personalised service to all of our investors.

Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!


“We invested in a previous lending corporation for 8 years, via the advice of Jason (President of Zazu) and we are extremely happy to follow him and reposition our ivestment with Zazu Lending Investor Corporation. During this time we have received more than 100% return and we are happy to let our investment work for us! We just wish we had known about this investment sooner, as our savings languished in a U.K. scheme for three years and returned us a ridiculously small amount for the capital invested, whilst this investment into the Philippine has given us more than several times the return, each and every month.”

Anthony & Dinah
Alicante, Spain

“In retirement, we do not have many real investment options that can guarantee us a high fixed incomed return, we were introduced to the investment by friends, we took a year to decide but I am glad we did. Our only regret was not acting sooner, we wish to thank Jason & the team personally for the time they took to explain the process. This opportunity allows us to live our retirement, secure in the knowledge that our investment is safe and now we can live our lives comfortably.”

Anthony & Barbra
Bushey, Hertsfordshire, UK


“Wow, what change in my life, this invesment has made for me and my partner! In my U.K. investment plan, we struggled to pay the bills every month, now we have the financial independence that we have only dreamed about, this has allowed us both to follow our dreams, persuing our writing and art projects, not to mention the numerous holidays we now enjoy. We wish to thank our friends Dinah & Tony for introducing us to Jason over 5 years ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Georgia & Gyula
Murcia, Spain